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green-boat-sjx-jet-boatsThe SJX2170 and the SJX2470 are tunnel hull jet boats designed for extreme low water operations.

Utilizing speed, ultra maneuverability, and survivability the SJX 2170 has endless varieties of applications. Whether its transportation, recreational use, hunting, fishing, or work the 21foot 2170SJX, or the 24 foot 2470 SJX will take you places other competitor's boats can't.

The Tru-X jet boat is the perfect entry level jet boat with  SJX quality and performance.

The Tru-X 241 is SJX Jet Boat’s entry level boat designed to give our boating customers a high quality, agile, jet boat at a price that fits into most anyone's budget looking to own an SJX jet boat. We kept all the standard features needed to ensure we matched the SJX 2170’s outstanding level of performance.  So what you have is a jet boat with the same engine, a bit lighter, easier on the wallet, and the trusted name of SJX to back it up.

grey-muslejon-carrying-sjx-jet-boatsThe 2884 Megajon is an absolute workhorse; you won't believe its abilities.

1,000 lbs more payload than a DC-3 (over 3 tons!) and it still runs in less than six inches of water!

You just haven't experienced the shear excitement that comes from running a boat of the size in just 6 inches of water! You've got to check this out for yourself.

(The 2884 MegaJon is on a limited production and we currently aren't taking new orders.) Multiple number orders may be considered.  Please contact us for information on multiple number orders.


testimonial-justin-green-sjx-jet-boatsWhy there's only one jet boat for this Alaskan!

"Jet boating in Alaska is my life style, the last 6 years have been the best years since I bought my unstoppable SJX. I am finally able to supply my addiction of conquering rivers, knowing that no other boat has made it this far, or taken this route, and finding the end to the start of a river. I call it my SJX High, yes I am addicted.. There is no better feeling then being at the top of a river where I know no one else has ever been. The proof of that is because I have just had to cut or jump logs to get here, and I am in the best hunting and fishing territory now. My SJX has allowed me to lead in these "Unknown River Expeditions of Alaska" with the confidence that I will make it back, because there is no being rescued when nobody else can come get you."

-Justin Green, Alaska, SJX Jet Boat Owner

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The 2170 SJX is a tunnel hull jet boat designed for extreme low water operations.

By utilizing speed, ultra maneuverability, and survivability the SJX 2170 has endless varieties of applications. Whether its transportation, recreational use, hunting, fishing, or work the 21' SJX will take you places competitor's boats can't.

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SJX 2170 Standard Features

One of the first things that you'll notice about the SJX 2170 is how loaded it is with standard features. We have built our reputation on providing the best shallow water aluminum jet boats and this is one of the reasons for this.


Color Options & Image Wraps

Choosing your SJX 2170 Jet Boat wraps, whether they're the standard, one of our signature wraps, or customized by your ideas, makes your new SJX 2170 a thing of beauty. Color schemes for the outside of the boat, inside the boat, and the upholstery makes your boat made to order.

SJX Optional Features & Fleets

Our optional features can take an already amazing jet boat and transform it into the jet boat the meets you’re exact needs. Whether you’re a sportsman, extreme boating enthusiast, search & rescue or even government security forces, our jet boats can be customized to fit you perfectly.