Commercial & Fleet Jet Boats

search & rescue - fire - security

commercial customizations

Aside from the obvious standard design for our made-to-order boats for hunting or fishing, we have the ability to create a jet boat for your specific needs.

We can also fabricate or customize for law enforcement, search & rescue, fire departments,  narco-terrorism security forces, military, government, and agencies.”We have been credited with thousands of rescues and other similar-type operations.

Versatility in use

The SJX jet boat is put to the test in real world conditions every day

Search & rescue

With the increase in flooding and the growing number of outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, the need to reach more remote areas and navigate to more remote locations has become increasingly important. 

fire & disasters

The importance of a shallow water aluminum jet boat with an in-board tunnel hull can be the difference in a disaster-related event. In most cases, non-motorized boats and rafts would be the best option in flooded urban areas due to the massive amounts of debris. Not an issue with the SJX jet boat.

Police & Security 

Many of our SJX jet boats can be found in police departments around the United States. Providing an ability to reach people using a waterway, especially in more remote locations, gives police a much faster response time. 

Military & government

There are many cities and towns throughout the world with communities interconnected by shallow wandering streams and rivers. Many government agencies have found our SJX Jet boats to be the answer in reaching their citizens who find themselves in emergency situations, as well as security forces to combat the war on drugs internationally.

A testament to excellence

US Water Rescue Dive Team got the opportunity to use a 2170SJX Jet Boat in support of an annual river race.

We have used several different jet boats over the years for our rescue and recovery operations. With so many different scenarios and waterways that we encounter, it’s been difficult to find a boat that can meet all of our needs and expectations… The SJX handled this extremely well, so well that the other rescue boat could not follow.”

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why search & rescue love the SJX jet boat

The quality of the boat and its ability to go almost anywhere stands out as one of the reasons search and rescue agencies find the SJX jet boat to be a necessity for them.

have any pre-purchase questions?

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our boat models.