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Customize your Tru-X 241 jet boat

Standard Features

The Tru-X 241 is our entry-level model but we didn’t skimp on the standard features. We provided the 16 most popular standard features to ensure you get a quality jet boat.


310hp of fuel injected, head snapping turbocharged power. The EcoBoost has a great power to weight ratio.

40-Gallon Fuel Tank

At a moderate cruise, with a moderate load, you have 8 hours of running time. Go Fishing!

Custom switch panel

It not only looks great, but it's also functional. Powerpoint lit rocker switches and is easy to use.

Stainless Steel Impeller

EcoJet designed one tough impeller, and with our tunnel hull design, you've got to try hard to hurt it.

Rear storage compartments

Insulated and lots of room for tool kits, chainsaws, and all that other stuff you used to trip over.


Full length of the gunnel. Why don't other boat builders think of this? Guess they've never had to yank a boat off a sandbar.

Single lever control

Can’t say enough about this baby. Go from over 55 MPH to a dead stop in just a few seconds.

Bilge Pump

Empty any water from your bilge with a flip of a switch.

Muffler Integrated with Internal Exhaust System

Smooth and quiet, particularly compared to a two-stroke.


All digital- RPM, Coolant Temp, Voltage, GPS, Turbo Boost Pressure, Oil Pressure, MPH, Fuel Rate, Fuel Level, and Hour Meter

Aluminum floor with drainage

No wood or plastic here. These tough floors are standard equipment and never rot.

Drivers pedestal seat

Custom SJX embroidered two-tone, high-quality seats on a pedestal. Sit your ass down in style!

Marine Battery

Equipped with one high-quality marine battery with 800 cold craking amps.

Extra-wide swim deck

Our heavy-duty swim deck is great for walking on, and our jet guards protect what propels you.

4'" Blower

A big output blower to clear fumes from the engine compartment.

Fuel-Water Separator Filter

Indmar engines are equipped with an onboard fuel-water separator.

Customize your TRU-X 241 Jet boat

BASE PRICE:  $48,750.00

FOB Orofino, Idaho (special shipping rates available anywhere in North America and beyond )

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

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