SJX JET BOATS Inc. is located in Orofino, Idaho. Right in the heart and soul of shallow water proving grounds, as well as the steelhead fishing capital of the world. When it comes to shallow water boating, the SJX is a razor blade among butter knives. The SJX is the most unique high performance aluminum jet boat in the country because of its unmatched power-to-weight ratio, fuel economy, tremendous payload, brutal acceleration, superb handling, along with its unmatched shallow water abilities. SJX boats are multipurpose, hunting, fishing, working, and touring jet boats that will get you and your gear where you want to go, even when those other boats can't.


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If you have ever wondered where and why the SJX Jet Boat was conceived then you'll want to watch our new exciting, heart-stopping video. This video covers it all.  Perfect demonstration video as well.  See what the SJX is capable of and why the SJX is a proven leader in the river jet boat industry. There's nothing out there like an SJX!



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Check out our latest SJX R&D Results
We never stop making improvements to our Jet Boats. See what we've been working on lately.

Expanding the SJX market to Russia and beyond
We have been selling SJX Jet Boats through-out North America, South America and now to parts of Russia! See all the places we have the SJX.

We now offer SJX Jet Boat driving classes
We always give all new SJX Jet Boat customers the standard instructions on basic jet boat maneuvering. We now offer more extensive driving classes for those who want to get to most out of their SJX Jet Boat. Contact us today for detailed information.


A tunnel hull boat can run shallow

That's right! A boat with a tunnel hull allows the jet to inset instead of hanging down below the bottom of the boat

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