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We can guarantee our SJX Jet Boats because we build a solid product.

The hulls of our jet boats are guaranteed for the life of the boat. What’s more impressive is to date we haven’t had one warranty claim submitted on any of our SJX Jet Boat hulls. Our leading competitors can’t claim that.


Here at SJX Jet Boats Inc., we are committed to providing you with the best product available. If for any reason you don’t receive what we promised you, we will make it right.

We built the SJX Jet Boat because this is the boat we wanted to take us up river

The sjx jet boat Story

To be in the aluminum jet boat industry you gotta love it, it has to be in your blood, and it is definitely in mine. -Steve Stajkowski (owner SJX Jet Boats Inc.)

I started in the boating industry right out of high school. I worked for a boat manufacturer during the weekdays and on the weekends I worked for Idaho’s largest outfitter at that time. I continued to work for that manufacturer up until 1995, where I was involved in every aspect of jet boat building. We built any kind of creation you could imagine, deep-sea fishing boats, offshore fishing boats, race boats, Sprint boats, fishing boats, and pleasure boats. In 1998 the concept of an inboard was born on a moose-hunting trip in the interior of Alaska with my good friend and long-time business partner Craig Compeau. The goal was to create a boat that could accommodate Craig’s need for shallow water and could handle the remote Alaskan waters. I began work on designing the very first inboard tunnel hull. We started with a very successful outboard tunnel hull I had designed, added the unique power plant from Mercury, and designed an inboard tunnel for it. We then matched a power to weight ratio hull to that lightweight power plant. The reason we decided to go with an inboard was because the outboard tunnel hull was inefficient in performance, handling, and fuel efficiency. It just didn’t make sense to change the direction of the water flow three times before it comes out of the jet nozzle and not expect a loss of overall efficiency. The outboard design lacked reverse, and the handling and steering were really not what we wanted. It was obvious that a better design was needed. Once the first prototype of the inboard tunnel hull was tested and proven, we never looked back.

In 2007 we ventured even further when we started SJX. The first year was spent designing the SJX 2170, from the optimization of metal usage to the overall design of the boat. The many years of running so many different types of boats in different water conditions, shallows, big water, open water, allowed us to come up with a structure system for the SJX that would be bulletproof as far as function; a fail-safe hull. We created a boat that could handle a variety of different water conditions, salt, fresh, offshore, inshore rivers, lakes, and everything in between, but the primary design was for extreme shallow waters. At the same time our power to weight ratio allowed us to carry great loads efficiently, and economically, yet still be able to run in shallow waters. My 30 years of boating knowledge and experience were put to work, and from that the SJX became the “four-wheel-drive” aluminum jet boat I had always wanted, putting it in a class by itself. Jet boats were the reason I even got into the boating industry.  They were intriguing to me. Basically, you could go on and over debris and obstacles, run through shallow water where your typical prop-driven boat could not even come close to going. From that background and being involved in racing high-performance jet boats I got a taste of both ends of the spectrum, the pleasure boat, plus the off-road and the high-speed aspect. That’s where the design of the SJX comes from. It’s all these aspects put into a lightweight, high power to weight ratio boat, that is tough. Still, it’s a boat that will get with the program, fast for a pleasure-type boat, but also a utility boat. There wasn’t a creature of any kind like it. This was the first one on the market.

the sjx jet boat team

passion in boating starts right here

Steve Stajkowski


Steve started in the boat building business right out of school. The love of the outdoors and the desire to reach remote locations put Steve on the path to the creation of the best shallow water river jet boat on the water, the SJX Jet Boat.

Brandon Knewbow

Director of Operations

Brandon has been with SJX Jet Boats since the beginning.  His extensive knowledge and team driven attitude has helped take SJX Jet Boats to new heights.  

Curt Decicio

Facility Administror

Curt is our newest addition to the SJX team and his presence made an immediate impact to help secure SJX Jet Boats as a premiere boat manufacturing company. 

Stevie Stajkowski-Costa

Office manager

Stevie’s design background and office managerial skills have been an intricate part of shaping SJX Jet Boats through the years.  She is dedicated to seeing the SJX brand promoted to the best of its ability in both marketing and direct communication.

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