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Jerome Oats in his SJX Jet Boat posing in front of the Knik Glacier

One of the best feelings we at SJX Jet Boats can get is seeing SJX customers using their boats to reach extreme locations many will never get to experience. Take Jerome for instance, he finally got to visit the Knik Glacier in his own boat. He had viewed this from a far for many years but with his SJX Jet Boat, Jerome got to turn what most would consider an experience of a lifetime into a common occurrence for himself and anyone lucky enough to ride along. Glad we could be a part of making this and many other moments like this a reality.

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knik-glacier-jerome-selfie-sjx-jet-boatsFirst of all I would like to thank you for the boat that you and your crew built. To this day my son is still smiling! After breaking it in we took it to a river to see how it would handle even though we saw you with it in one of the rivers in Idaho. We then decided to make a run to a glacier that we have viewed more than 20 miles away for the past 26yrs. We had asked a number of boat owner to take us up there but they would say the river has too many braids and they didn't want to risk tearing up their jet or their hull. After looking we did a couple tough guy poses we decided to make the run this past Saturday. I wanted to send a few photos of what we found. I hope you like them. Oh for some reason when he shows up to get fuel, sitting in traffic or off loading at a boat launch there are guys that seem to have a problem keeping their spit from rolling over their bottom lip. The funny thing about it is this happens when they are towing their own boats. You take care, tell your crew thanks from me and my family. We will send you some photos. One day we may see one on your website.

-Jerome Oates, SJX Jet Boat Owner


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The best form of advertising is always word of mouth. Here are a few comments from our happy customers.

"7 dozen decoys in the boat and 5 guys. Shot guns, waders, and all that BS for geese hunting. Roughly 2,500 pounds or maybe a little better......Jumped up - no cavitation - come up like a dream!!" "UNREAL"!!!!

Cody Teeter of Chubbuck, Idaho



"The quality of a boat can be measured to a number of things. I can honestly say the SJX has all of them. I will never downgrade to another boat."

Mark Johnson




"All those rivers I have been wanting to fish but have never been able to are now my favorite places to fish. The SJX is a true shallow water aluminum jet boat"

Bradley Grosh




" You wouldn't believe all the fish that have seen the inside of Black Beauty or the places its been. Freaks people out to see me run between the shore line and turtles that are racing into deep enough water to submerge themselves but still have there shells showing above the water."

Dean Ross Truesdell of Jermyn, TX