Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs"

Q - How long is the SJX2170?
A - The SJX2170 is 21 feet long from the tip of the nose to the transom and the bottom width is 70 inches wide.

Q - How much water does the SJX2170 run in?
A - The standard SJX2170 with a moderate load and at a moderate plane/speed it will consistently run in 3 to 4 inches of water.

Q - How much does the SJX2170 weigh?
A - Dry weight of the standard SJX2170 weighs only 1,750 pounds (turn key).

Q - How fast will the SJX2170 go?
A - The standard SJX2170 at WOT will reach speeds typically 47 to 50 mph (give or take a mph or two).

Q - How many gallons per hour will the SJX2170 with the 200 Optimax run?
A - The standard SJX2170 (without any jet upgrades) with a moderate load and a good solid plane will run between 5 and 5.5 GPH (3750 rpm's, 27.5 mph).

Q - How much water does the SJX2170 draw sitting/drifting in the water?
A - The standard SJX2170 with a moderate load will draw approximately 6 to 8 inches of water.

Q - What size is the fuel tank in the SJX2170?
A - 40 gallons is the standard sized fuel tank in the SJX2170.

Q - Is the SJX2170 the smallest sized boat that you build?
A - Yes the SJX2170 is the smallest. We do build a 2470 and 2884 twin as well.

Q - Are enclosures or tops available?
A - Yes we do offer a folding top style enclosure with side curtains, and a back-drop.



Customer testimonials

The best form of advertising is always word of mouth. Here are a few comments from our happy customers.

"7 dozen decoys in the boat and 5 guys. Shot guns, waders, and all that BS for geese hunting. Roughly 2,500 pounds or maybe a little better......Jumped up - no cavitation - come up like a dream!!" "UNREAL"!!!!

Cody Teeter of Chubbuck, Idaho



"The quality of a boat can be measured to a number of things. I can honestly say the SJX has all of them. I will never downgrade to another boat."

Mark Johnson




"All those rivers I have been wanting to fish but have never been able to are now my favorite places to fish. The SJX is a true shallow water aluminum jet boat"

Bradley Grosh




" You wouldn't believe all the fish that have seen the inside of Black Beauty or the places its been. Freaks people out to see me run between the shore line and turtles that are racing into deep enough water to submerge themselves but still have there shells showing above the water."

Dean Ross Truesdell of Jermyn, TX