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Pictures can tell the story better than anything, especially when it comes to what and where an SJX jet boat can go and do.
Here you can see what owning an SJX can give you. Access to remote places, with the ease of getting there. Plus all the fun along the way!

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SJX Jet Boats are sold world wide


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News and Media Events

Breaking the ice, literally

There aren't many boats that could navigate in icy waters, especially a recreational boat. As you can see in this photo gallery it isn't much a problem for the SJX Jet Boat.

Search & Rescue in Manila

During this operation, the Water Search & Rescue Team utilizing one rubber boat and our SJX Jet Boat managed to rescue to safety approximately 1200 individuals from raging flood in several baranggays of Calumpit, Bulacan.



video spotlight

Bow fishing on the Snake river in Idaho

SJX Jet Boat Rally

our video gallery


River fishing for steelhead in Idaho

Idaho Commerce Testimonial


Unbelievable R & D Testing

R&D Video "You gotta see this"

See the EZ-Clean (Stomp Grate) in action

SJX Demonstration video

Capston winch hoisting a moose.

M-Jak fire Supression Kit

Fishing with Ed on the snake river