SJX Jet Boat Manufacturing

inside our facility

SJX Jet Boats are hand crafted & custom made

Each and every SJX Jet Boat starts from sheets of aluminum and then transformed into the best shallow water jet boats on the water.
We construct our jet boats to endure what shallow waters have to offer. SJX Jet Boats are built with the customers use in mind. We know what you want, because we are customers ourselves.

video overview

Here's a short video of our manufacturing process. This video will give you an idea of the different stages of the SJX Jet Boat building process.

The design of our Jet Boats are made with the intention of creating a shallow water aluminum jet boat that will last beyond the expectations of our customers.

our guarantee

We can guarantee our SJX Jet Boats because we build a solid product.

sjx-hull-on-river-sjx-jet-boatsThe hulls of our jet boats are guaranteed for the life of the boat. What's more impressive is to date we haven't had one warranty claim submitted on any of our SJX Jet Boat hulls. Our leading competitors can't claim that.





what we do different

It's one thing to claim to be the best, it's another to prove it!

At SJX jet Boats we wanted to provide a shallow water aluminum jet boat that would do exactly what we said it will do, and stand behind our words.

quarter-inch-material-sjx-jet-boatsWe use 1/4 inch materials in the areas that have the greatest potential of impact.
The remaining parts of the boat are made with a lighter material to provide what we call our "heavy duty, light weight construction".

Solid Weld Construction

The floor structure is all sold weld "continuous weld" which eliminates potential stress fractures and creates uniformed flexing of the hull. Also all floor bracing is 16" apart to create a double bulk head system for additional strength.