SJX Fleet Boat

search & rescue, fire, security fleets

Aside from the obvious standard design for our made-to-order boats for hunting or fishing, we have the ability to create a jet boat for your specific needs.

We can also fabricate or customize for law enforcement, search & rescue, fire departments,  narco terrorism security forces, Military, government and agencies."We have been credited to 1000's of rescues and other similar type operations using the SJX Jet Boat arsenal that is available.

US Water Rescue Dive Team has had the pleasure of using a 2170 SJX Jet Boat for our Rescue/ Recovery Operations in 2011.

"We have used several different jet boats over the years for our rescue and recovery operations. With so many different scenarios and waterways that we encounter, it's been difficult to find a boat that can meet all of our needs and expectations..."

disasters &  emergencies

Here is a prime example of what the versatility of a shallow water aluminum jet boat with an in-board tunnel hull can mean in a disaster related event. In most cases non-motorized boats and rafts would be the best option in flooded urban areas due the the massive amounts of debris. Not an issue with the SJX Jet boat.

fire, search & rescue


The Cherokee fire department adds an SJX Jet Boat to its Search & Rescue arsenal.

You know an SJX Jet Boat can be customized to fit most any needs or configurations but you might just be amazed at what this fire & rescue boat has the ability to do. Take a look at the video below. You will be surprise.



features & options


The use of our SJX Jet Boats reaches well beyond the recreational user. Our boats can be found in police departments around the Unites States and for security forces to combat the war on drugs internationally.


There are many cites and towns through-out the United state with communities interconnected by shallow wandering streams and rivers. Many government agencies have found our SJX Jet boats to be the answer in reaching their citizens who find themselves in emergency situations.


Pictured here is a security force jet boat bound for Ecuador. This is a customized 24' (2470) being tested prior to being shipped. This boat was chosen by the Ecuador military for its speed, shallow running capabilities and it's ability to be maneuverable in tight situations. Above you can see it's running easily in 4 inches of water.